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February 20, 2018. | Data security

Secure file sharing: avoiding the $600 billion problem

Secure file sharing is a necessity for modern businesses. Only last year, the United States Theft of Intellectual Property Commission claimed the US loses $600 billion each year in pirated data and stolen trade secrets – equivalent to more than 3% of the country’s GDP.

Given the value of data to all business operations, whether it be product launch details, trade secrets or client information, every successful business needs to be confident its data is securely stored and instantly accessible.

Secure file sharing with Penta SecureBox

With this in mind, Penta offers PentaSecureBox, a cloud service offering business users the means to quickly share and collaborate on files, all while ensuring their valuable intellectual property is backed up and protected by independently audited, banking-grade security features.Shadi Jaber, Penta’s IT Service Desk Manager, says:

Our suite of security systems gives clients peace of mind that all their commercially valuable data is kept safe, while ensuring they still have fast access to sharing it with colleagues and external parties.

Penta’s two factor authentication system ensures information is only shared with those users who should have access to it. This is backed up by the system’s sync features, which can be used to prevent commercially sensitive documents from being downloaded. At the same time, it allows users to view and edit documents within Penta SecureBox itself, meaning important files remain locked inside your secure file sharing vault.

Data security first

Importantly, Penta SecureBox comes equipped with a host of other features to keep sensitive data safe. When sharing files, document owners can be notified of any changes being made, or they can simply choose to lock files, preventing any edits being made. Similarly, document owners can set an expiry date for any user’s access to documents.

Supported by data loss prevention tools, including automatic backup software which saves up to 10 versions of any document saved in a Penta SecureBox, there is no need to worry about data loss, whether from accidental editing or unintentional file mismanagement.

As with all Penta’s services, Penta SecureBox is independently audited by Ernst and Young each year, ensuring all security, reliability and regulatory compliance needs are met so, ensuring users have peace of mind their data will not be the next loss in the war against data thefts.

Penta SecureBox is compatible with Macs, PCs and Linux machines, and will soon have apps to allow simple, secure access from Android and IOS mobile devices.For more information on Penta SecureBox and pricing details, visit the Penta SecureBoxpage.

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