How Microsoft Office 365 can be the optimal choice in the Digital Era

Developments in Microsoft 365 bring it to maturity for a much wider range of businesses that previously discounted this highly cost-effective solution for IT infrastructure.

Developments in Microsoft 365 bring it to maturity for a much wider range of businesses that previously discounted this highly cost-effective solution for IT infrastructure. Nowadays more than 93% of organisations have adopted or are thinking of adopting cloud services, the latest Deloitte Global Outsourcing Survey shows.

More than just simplifying infrastructure, cloud services offer an extensive range of attributes that companies going digital now really need. Cost efficiency and flexibility are highly sought-after by start-ups, medium and large companies. Penta Azure 365 offers both, so we want to dive deeper into what its costs and benefits are.

Improving how your business delivers in every sector

Finding a way in which your company delivers, regardless of the sector of your business that best suits your needs and capabilities is key to the well being of your business. Whether you are in the finance, healthcare, legal, or HR industry, taking agile further and scaling your IT to add extra value is a strategic step towards delivering tailored experiences to your customers. Expanding to your full potential is also directly related to costs and revenue.

Penta’s expertise in handling IT infrastructure for these sensitive sectors combined with the much improved Microsoft 365 package presents huge opportunities for the businesses ready to make the change. Previous concerns about data jurisdiction, compliance, and data security can now be addressed in an integrated 365° IT infrastructure solution.

To put it in a nutshell, a large percentage of your IT budget would usually go into setting up and maintaining in-house servers. Aside from equipment, tools, licenses, and staff that can service your servers, these are just some of the expenses your business would incur. One of the goals when scaling agile is improving processes and thus your productivity. So when choosing your cloud platform, it’s best to have in mind all the different resources and services provided. 

Maximum efficiency, not maximum capacity

Scaling your business in an agile way involves open thinking and optimizing strategy delivery. In today’s digital age, where small businesses and startups are keen on innovative experiences as competitive differentiators, it makes complete sense to gear towards maximum efficiency. 

Opting for a cloud provider that can support your business in the agile transformation journey while lowering costs can significantly change the future of your business, for the better. Other important factors in scaling your IT are data loss protection, hybrid deployment, compliance, and security. And using a cloud provider that secures those elements allows you to size up responsibly.

No more overhead for updating hardware or software

Another cost that Penta Azure 365 helps you eliminate is equipment maintenance and replacement. You aren’t going to be always thinking about what you need to update, nor how big a budget you need for the best software available on the market, as it’s already included in one of our Penta plans.

Systems in a cloud-based server are continuously being updated and the latest, best performing technology is being used, without it affecting your budget or monthly fee. That’s another cost benefit that can help you in your journey to digitalisation and plays an important role in your IT infrastructure.

Data loss prevention, a key element in your digital journey

We know that the core of your business is data. That’s why our end-to-end solutions are meant to help alleviate some of your data security worries, whilst improving your business’ capabilities. 

Protecting sensitive information, including financial data, or Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is a key element in your business journey. That’s why it’s really important to have a data loss prevention (DLP) policy in Office 365 Security & Compliance Center so you can track and protect sensitive information across Office 365.

The switch to a cloud platform protected by Microsoft’s data center security is a step ahead from an in-house server protected by your office security. This transition is backed up by decades of experience of safely storing data.

Data loss prevention has been added as a part of Microsoft Teams chat and channel messages for users that are using Office 365 Advanced Compliance and it’s included in Office 365 E5 and Microsoft 365 E5 Compliance as an option.

Choosing a cloud provider that also offers complete transparency and shows you exactly how your data is being accessed, stored, and secured is key. Depending on your requirements, Penta Azure 365 also has a dedicated detection and response team to deal with any potential threats.

Scaling effectively while embracing agile

Besides reducing your costs, it’s important to know how to scale, when to scale and how to do it in an agile way. When using a traditional in-house server, your business isn’t as flexible as it could be, regarding growth. 

In a digital era where things are shifting rapidly, you need to make sure your business is equipped to cope and be ready to respond in an agile way to growing demands and extended remote teams.

Choosing a solution that is as scalable as you want it to be, means depending on your traffic, you can scale up or down. This makes it easy to use and allows for an agile way of growing. What’s important is that you can always reach out and ask us if you have doubts or if you want to clarify the benefits of each solution. 

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