Penta joins CCIG Geneva

Penta has joined the Geneva Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services (CCIG).

With some 2,500 member companies, the CCIG was founded in 1865 as a private law association. It is fully independent of the State, and represents companies by giving their business a voice when working with government authorities.

What is CCIG Geneva?

The CCIG is a private, independent organisation that exists to work towards a strong economy, and be conducive to local businesses by supporting and sustaining their long-term activities.

It does this by:

  • Advocating for economic and political framework conditions that enhance business performance, which includes from a social and environmental point of view.
  • Promoting its members by facilitating business opportunities.
  • Supporting its members by providing services which will enable them to make progress in the fields of sustainability and digitalisation, among others.
  • Constituting a model of societal responsibility by incorporating good practices within CCIG.

The CCIG speaks on behalf of businesses by taking positions on Cantonal and Federal legislative consultations and by formulating proposals that affect the framework conditions, (which is often in the context of voting campaigns).

Its members come from all sectors of enterprise and between them account for 133,000 jobs – which makes the CCIG one of the most important business associations in the Canton.

Its activities are focussed around town planning, energy, fiscal policy and transportation.

Several key tenets of the CCIG’s mission emphasise sustainability and environmental best practices, including: advocating for economic and political framework conditions to enhance both environmental and business performance and providing services that enable members to make progress in sustainability.

The CCIG’s motto is: Working for a Strong Economy – Connecting Businesses.

Why has Penta joined the CCIG?

By joining the CCIG, Penta hopes to further integrate itself with Geneva’s thriving business community and provide an even better quality service to its local clients.

It prides itself on being “the voice of business”, which is part of the reason why Penta is delighted to become more involved with its services and members. 

To find out more about how Penta can help your business, just get in touch – we’re always happy to help.

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